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Whole Home R/O System

We Combine RO and Ozone to Produce Incredibly PURE WATER.  

   The RO-1100 is a complete system to purify, sanitize and aerate water for residential and commercial use. An average family of 4 uses approx. 300 gallons of water per day. The storage tank hold approx. 375 gallons in reserve and can produce up to 2000 gallons of pure water daily.

RO 1100 Series
• Unit Weight: 283 lbs.
• Shipping Weight: 340 lbs
• Minimum Floor Area• Required: 50” W by 70” • Tank Size: 30” by 60”
• Tank Volume: 375 gallons
• System Size: Aprox. 38” by 70&rdquo
• Production Rate: .75 - 1.25 gpm

Clean, Clear, Refreshing! How you always imagined fresh drinking water to taste!

RO 1100 Series - Specification PDF 
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Petwa Commercial RO System

The Petwa PRO Series Commercial RO System
Removes up to 99% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) in raw commercial feedwater, producing high quality process water for:

• FOOD and BEVERAGE processing

Membrane: advanced thin film composite for maximum rejection of impurities
Membrane Housings: standard stainless steel housings for PRO-150, PRO-300, PRO-450. Standard PVC housings for PRO-600, PRO-1200 and PRO-1800 (stainless steel optional)
Process Pump: direct coupled brass rotary vane type designed for continuous high pressure service
Frame: corrosion resistant powder coated steel
Pre-Sediment Filter: 5 micron rated filter for removal of sediment and protection of system
Pre-Carbon Filter: granular activated radial flow carbon filter for removal of chlorine must be replaced regularly
Flow Meters: precise monitoring of operating conditions with three flow meters for product, waste and recycle streams (PRO-600/1200/1800 only)
Control Box: NEMA 12X rated control box with on/off switch and mode indicating lights (PRO-600/1200/1800 only)
Pre-Filter Isolation Valve: convenient shut off valve for easy filter replacement
Pressure Gauges: high quality 2.5" liquid filled process pressure gauge for monitoring operating pressure. 1" dry pressure gauge's for monitoring filter operation
Low Pressure Cut-Out: insufficient feed water will automatically shut the system down protecting the process pump
Tank Full Switch: RO system will automatically start when tank pressure falls below 30 psi and stop when pressure reaches 50 psi
Air Purge: system automatically purges air out of pump and membranes before start up (PRO-600/1200/1800 only)
Simple Maintenance/Inspection: all PRO Series components are strategically located on the frame for easy access and inspection

Petwa Commercial RO - Specification PDF
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