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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Some of the Crystal Clear Benefits of R/O Water from WTTR.ca

• Pristine. Sparkling, clear drinking water.
• Delicious. Flavorful coffee, tea and juice.
• Clean. Rinsed, fresh fruits and vegetables.
• Clear. Crystalline ice cubes.
• Better-taste. Soups, sauces and meals when prepared with R.O. water.
• Cost-effective. The daily cost of bottled water will no longer be a concern!
• Convenient. Fresh, clean water, ready at your tap.

Clean, Clear, Refreshing! How you always imagined fresh drinking water to taste!

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WTTR.ca Softener Catalog

The Home and Office Solution by PURA.

• Convenient Twist and Lock Design makes service simple! No mess, simply twist of the old and on with the new!
• 10 interchangeable filters with a variety of treatment options
• Choose R/O or Ultra Filtration, if reject water is a concern, no drain line (less cost, no chance of waste)
• Great taste, low cost and compact and easy filter change 

How does PURA work?
Sediment Filters: screens out sediment and particles
Carbon Filters: improving taste and reduces odour including chlorine
Reverse Osmosis or Ultra Filtration: reduces dissolved substances
Options: several filter options are available depending upon your local conditions and requirements.

PURA - Specification PDF
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WTTR.ca Softener Catalog

PENTAIR 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis

PENTAIR 4 Stage RO revolutionary 1:1 ratio!
Enjoy No Odour, Better tasting, Clearer water!

• High efficiency GRO 75 GPD membrane technology
Whisper quiet technology
• Effortless click-in lock cartridge installation
• 3/8" push fit plumbing connection for easy installation and high flow
• Water supply valve shut off fits multiple piping styles
• Color coded cartridges - no more guessing
• Lead and chemical reduction cartridge
• 3/8" tubing to storage tank and faucet
• Built-in check valve with multi-point backflow protection
• Utilizes the dual technology of the DFX Diamond Flow Series, combining a sediment and carbon block in one cartridge
• Faucet with air gap included
• On board TDS monitor measures rejection of GRO element within the GRO-475M model

Pentair has been the quality choice for water treatment professionals for over 40 years.
North American Made Products. World wide responsible solutions.

PENTAIR 4 STAGE - Specification PDF
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